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Nothing Is Lost

Not only does SmartTracker help you find something that is lost, you'll never leave your items behind again.

107 decibel alert. Too loud? Select low, medium or high volume to suit your surroundings.
Range of up to 50m outdoors, 20m indoors (obstacles such as walls or furniture may affect range).
Sign up for Auto Replacement to guarantee you keep up with changing technology.
12-18 months battery life. Battery low alert.
Item/phone left behind alert, text message plus an audible sound alert. AND the ability to set silent zones.
34mm wide x 8mm deep
Speech Bubble
“I cannot count how many times one of my Smart trackers has saved me from leaving something behind.”
Kris Sutcliffe, Now Real Estate Caboolture QLD
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“We give these awesome Smart Trackers to our clients as a thank you for building their first homes with us.
We even get Smart Tracker to put our logo on them free of charge!"
Stop Renting Today Brisbane.
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“I misplaced my Smart phone again for Oh about the tenth time this week and could I find it No. Then I remembered my Smart Tracker on my keys and sure enough Smart Tracker found it. AMAZING truly life saving thanks Smart Tracker.”
Tammie Rimon, 20 / 20 Home loans North Lakes Queensland
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How It Works

Item Finder

Using the free SmartTracker app on your phone ring your SmartTracker attached to your keys, laptop or other personal items. Your SmartTracker will ring loudly and light up enabling you to find it quickly and easily.

Phone Finder

Simply double click the button on your Smart tracker to make your phone ring loudly. Even if your phone volume is turned right down or on silent!

Last-Seen Tracking

If you loose something, the easy-to-use SmartTracker app remembers the last seen GPS coordinates and time you had them (even when the app is closed*) making it easy to track down your items. *Supported systems only.

Item/Phone Left Behind Alert

When items are separated you’ll receive a phone audio message or your SmartTracker will buzz letting you know you’ve left your phone behind. Set silent zones to increase the distance before the alarm sounds.

Camera Shutter Remote

For when your arm isn’t long enough for a selfie. Place your phone on something sturdy, move yourself into position and press your SmartTracker to take the picture.

Corporate Branding


Perfect for corporate gifts, your company branded SmartTracker will keep your brand at front of mind. Once a SmartTracker is on someones keys it stays on the keys as it and your brand gets assimilated into their daily lives.

Contact us to find out how you can get your brand on your SmartTracker and its packaging.