Corporate Advertising

All your customers are walking Billboards
Have your customers keys advertising every day for you for years at a time!
Your customers can be your own personal walking billboards!
Show your community that you are there, “you are everywhere,” remind your customers daily of you and your business. Advertising what you do to all their friends, family and work colleagues.
“First company on the keys, stays on the keys”
When a competitor finds out what your doing, it will be to late!
Imagine  – ALL your clients as a walking billboard.
Be first or It goes something like this…
“Business owner –  “I’ve got this gift for you Mr.Smith to thank you for your continued support!”
Client  –  “Oh sorry buddy! We’ve already got one of those each from (you know who!) give it to someone else!”
Chances are ALL their friends and family have them from you know who as well!
Who do you think they might call when they need the service you provide.
“I know who they might NOT call”
Ask us how ALL your clients who showed and told others about how good Smart tracker is ended up with their own Smart trackers but with YOUR LOGO on them? – Call us to find out how?

Your customers, their friends, family and work colleagues CAN’T LIVE without them, and its all sponsored by you.

Smart tracker is both affordable for you and as you will find out when you trial one, essential in peoples lives.

“First company on the keys, stays on the keys”

Instead of the same old bottle of Bourbon or Gin (an expensive one at that!) for your office or event or Christmas, give them something they will ALWAYS use on a daily basis, will not give up and will carry around with them wherever they go on their keys and other items that will be ingrained into their lives.

You will be that business! or will it be your competition !

You are only limited by your imagination.

Loyalty programs, tradeshow giveaways, gifts for clients, executives, employees, or for direct mail targeting.

Plus Smart tracker HAS NO LARGE MINIMUM corporate printing orders.

That’s right you can order as little as a four pack with your company logo and phone number on it for just $3 extra each

Simply select your colour and upload your picture and your text or logo or both!

email us now and let us know a good day and time to contact you